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Adryon De León

Adryon De León

Adryon de León, a dynamic and versatile performer, hails from the artistic enclave of Ojai, California. Her musical journey began in a Baptist congregation and evolved through her love of musical theater, shaping her distinctive, theatrical, gritty, and soulful sound.

Currently a principal vocalist at Disneyland Resort, Adryon has an impressive performance resume, having provided background vocals for iconic artists such as Macy Gray, Patti Austin, The Growlers, and George Clinton. In 2013, she joined the acclaimed Los Angeles-based soul and funk band Orgone. Their album "Reasons" showcases Adryon's talent in a prominent writing and collaborative role.

Adryon's vocal talents extend beyond the stage. She regularly contributes to commercial studio sessions worldwide, creating sound-alike tracks for major production companies like Hulu, McDonald's, and Netflix. Her theatrical skills were spotlighted in 2019 when she played “Alana” in the Hollywood Bowl's live-to-film production of "The Little Mermaid," alongside stars like Lea Michele and Harvey Fierstein.

Her featured vocals are also highlighted in the song “If Only You Could Save Me” on the "Mank" motion picture soundtrack, composed by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, which was submitted for Oscar consideration in December 2020. Further showcasing her versatility, in June 2023, Adryon toured with Idina Menzel as a background vocalist at Pride events worldwide. In January 2024, she was a hand-picked vocalist at the prestigious Emmys Governor’s Galas, performing for winners and nominees.

Adryon’s first solo single, “Ally,” released in January 2021 on Color Red, is a powerful anthem for racial equality and social justice, available on all major platforms.

Adryon de León and her band are the premier choice for any occasion, offering a compelling blend of soul, funk, and theatrical flair that guarantees an unforgettable performance. They bring versatility with multiple sets, including a Billie Holiday tribute, jazz classics, funk, and blues, catering to diverse musical tastes and ensuring a memorable experience for all. Book them now to elevate your event with unmatched musical excellence.


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