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Allison August

Allison August

Music courses through Allison August's veins, the product of an illustrious lineage spanning four musical generations. Raised in a family brimming with conductors, violinists, cellists, guitarists, and jazz aficionados, her formative years resonated with diverse influences, from the timeless melodies of the Beatles to the haunting croons of Billie Holiday. Allison's musical odyssey commenced early, penning her inaugural compositions at the tender age of nine and gracing the stage with her presence in a band by the age of thirteen.

Throughout her journey, from high school gigs to collegiate collaborations, Allison cultivated her craft, culminating in the formation of Barebones, her inaugural professional ensemble. Despite its brevity, Barebones fostered enduring connections with fellow virtuosos. A serendipitous reunion in 2016 ignited the creation of "Holy Water," an album adorned with contributions from luminaries such as Paul Barrere and Coco Montoya.

Presently, poised for the unveiling of her latest opus in late 2023, Allison embarks on a sonic expedition alongside Grammy laureate Tony Braunagel. Together, they assemble a constellation of talent, weaving a tapestry of Blues/Americana imbued with traces of R&B, country twang, jazz finesse, and funky rhythms. Allison's emotive vocals, exemplified in a poignant duet with Blues luminary Sugaray Rayford, reaffirm her mastery of the genre.

The forthcoming record promises a visceral voyage, encapsulating the myriad hues of human experience. Drawing inspiration from her personal narrative—marriage, motherhood, resilience in the face of adversity, and the unwavering embrace of hope—Allison August invites listeners to traverse landscapes of heartache, jubilation, and unwavering determination.


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