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Angel & His Mambokats

Angel & His Mambokats

Introducing Angel & His Mambokats, a quintet that's not just reviving but revitalizing the golden age of mid-century mambo music. Led by the charismatic Angel Ferreira, this ensemble brings back the allure of the legendary Chi-Chi clubs with their classic mambo-jazz arrangements. It's a musical journey that hasn't graced live stages in over six decades.

Picture Angel, suave in his tailored tuxedo, effortlessly singing, dancing, and even joining in on the bongos alongside his fellow "kats." Their performances are a spectacle of vintage charm, transporting audiences to the vibrant nightlife of 1958. It's nightclub magic reincarnated for the modern era, a testament to the timeless appeal of rhythm and groove. Get ready to swing and sway with Angel & His Mambokats as they bring the spirit of yesteryears to life on stage.


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