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Ay-Lex Song

Ay-Lex Song

Meet Alexis Spencer, known as Ay-Lex Song, a “joie de vivre” shaping the musical landscape of Palm Springs. From her beginnings in Joshua Tree to grinding as a full-time artist, embraced within her community, Ay-Lex Song shares her transition — quitting a conventional 9-5 job in pursuit of DJing and discovering her love for the craft during a life-changing moment in Europe inspired by the legendary Daft Punk. Self-taught and driven, she draws inspiration from jazz, rock, alternative, and disco — culminating in a diverse musical palette that keeps her sets eclectic.  With residencies at popular venues like Agua Caliente Casino and Hotel V, Ay-Lex Song is not just a DJ; she’s a curator of unique experiences, blending Latin rhythms with house beats, ensuring each performance delivers a fresh set of sounds.


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