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BagABones, a dynamic new reggae band hailing from Southern California, delivers a unique sound that fuses elements from various genres. Their infectious rhythms will get you moving and help you forget your worries, making them the perfect choice for any occasion.

Frontman Jorel captivates audiences with his versatile voice, effortlessly switching between smooth and rugged tones while delivering thought-provoking lyrics. Complementing him is Lucy, whose radiant energy and soulful rhythm guitar elevate the band's performance. Her sweet harmonies and commanding stage presence add a vibrant touch to every show.

On bass, Obydreams lays down sultry harmonies and captivating grooves, keeping the crowd entranced. Her cool demeanor and skillful playing make her a fan favorite. Abelardo, born in Valenzuela but destined for music, is the heartbeat of the band. His relentless, sexy beats keep the energy high all night long.

Lead guitarist Nazareth, a man of few words, lets his guitar do the talking. His stunning solos and harmonic mastery leave audiences in awe, creating unforgettable musical moments.

These five talented musicians from diverse backgrounds come together to form an eclectic and powerful sound. BagABones isn't just a band; they are a musical experience. As they say, "We are all just a bag of bones after all."

Book BagABones for your next event and let their distinctive reggae sound and electrifying performance make it an unforgettable occasion.


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