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Bill Magee Band

Bill Magee Band

Introducing the Legendary Bill Magee: A Blues Icon Revived!

In the heart of the 1960s blues scene, where legends were born and music transformed souls, one name stood out: Bill "Willie" Magee. His journey began amidst the electrifying melodies of Jimi Hendrix, where he not only found a friend but a collaborator, igniting stages as part of "Jimmy James and the Flames." As Hendrix ventured to England in 1967, Magee embarked on his own odyssey, leading the soul-stirring "Kansas City Playboys" across Europe.

The annals of music history bear witness to Magee's contributions, etching his legacy alongside the greats. Yet, after a hiatus that spoke volumes of his influence, the call of the blues never faded. Emerging from retirement with a renewed passion, Bill Magee returns to captivate audiences once more.

Today, San Diego's vibrant music scene pulsates with the rhythm of Magee's blues. From intimate venues to grand stages, his presence reverberates, a testament to a lifetime dedicated to his craft. Whether he's gracing stages in the Southwest or beyond, Bill Magee embodies the essence of Southern Blues, transporting audiences to a realm where every note tells a story.

For an unforgettable experience steeped in tradition and authenticity, look no further than Bill Magee's captivating performances. Join him on a journey through the soul of blues, where the past meets the present, and music transcends time. Catch him live and witness the magic that defines Southern Blues music.


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