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Black Crystal Wolf Kids - Indie Rock Tribute Band

Black Crystal Wolf Kids - Indie Rock Tribute Band

Drawing inspiration from the crowd engagement mastery of the Flaming Lips, the uninhibited spirit of The Henry Clay People, and the extravagant energy of 80s tribute sensations like Fast Times, Black Crystal Wolf Kids stand as pioneers in the realm of indie-rock tribute bands. Dressed in vibrant costumes and fostering sing-along fervor, they deliver a one-of-a-kind homage to the freshest hits of today (think The Killers! MGMT! Billie Eilish!) alongside timeless classics from indie's illustrious past (hello, The Pixies! The Talking Heads! The Cure!).

But here's the kicker: they're not just any tribute band. Each member boasts an impressive musical pedigree. Frontman Jeff Miller, drummer Gregg Levinson, and guitarist/singer Mark Pedante honed their craft in the acclaimed City Museum before joining forces, while keyboardist/singer Valerie Taylor adds her magic from stints with The Terpsichords and tours alongside luminaries like Charles Neville. And let's not forget bassist Marc Gasway, the musical maestro behind the scenes at LA's renowned watering hole, The Varnish.

Their mission? To banish the stale atmosphere of indie-rock gigs where audiences remain stoic and subdued. "Why simply listen when you can join in the revelry?" quips Miller, his tongue firmly in cheek. Their infectious enthusiasm has even attracted on-stage cameos from some of the industry's heavy hitters, from the chart-toppers of fun. to the festival headliners Lord Huron, ensuring each performance is a star-studded affair.

In the realm of music, sometimes even the most serious musicians crave a bit of unadulterated fun. And with Black Crystal Wolf Kids, the party never stops.


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