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Bob DeSena Latin Jazz

Bob DeSena Latin Jazz

Step into the world of premier Latin Jazz with Bob DeSena and his ensemble, where vibrant rhythms and timeless melodies converge in a captivating musical journey.

At the heart of Bob DeSena's musical journey lies a profound admiration for the legendary vibraphonist Roy Ayers, whose influence resonates deeply in every note. Enthralled by the rich sounds of the vibes and its pivotal role in Latin music, DeSena's passion shines through in every performance.

Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as the incomparable Tito Puente, the soulful Cal Tjader, the iconic Herb Alpert, and the masterful Antonio Carlos Jobim, DeSena weaves together a tapestry of Latin and Jazz influences that captivate audiences worldwide.

As a versatile musician, Bob DeSena effortlessly transitions between instruments, showcasing his mastery of the vibes, trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals. Accompanied by a cadre of exceptionally talented musicians, each performance is a testament to their collective artistry and boundless energy.

From beloved classics to dynamic interpretations of Latin standards, Bob DeSena and his ensemble deliver an electrifying experience that leaves audiences spellbound, ensuring an unforgettable musical odyssey for all who embark on this enchanting journey. Book now and experience the magic of premier Latin Jazz firsthand.


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