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Brad Mercer & The Profile

Brad Mercer & The Profile

Raised in LA, the incredibly talented Brad Mercer began his music career at age five, ultimately becoming a professional performer, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, recording artist, and popular radio personality in the Palm Springs area. He has recorded and produced six albums and toured throughout the nation as a gifted impressionist and comedian, opening for Jay Leno, George Carlin, and Jeff Foxworthy. Brad is the recipient of the LA Music Awards, “Best Rock DJ” and the “Alan Freed Lifetime Achievement Award.” His “Bands ‘N Fans” syndicated radio show helps unsigned and newly signed, new country and country/rock indie artists from all over the world get airplay in 140 countries.


Together with his partner, guitarist extraordinaire, Peter Sutter, they formed The Brad Mercer Band, and perform a rousing live three-hour variety show and rock concert each week to a full house. With their spot-on classics and unique original songs from the Mercer & Sutter writing team, the show is aptly called, “The Brad Mercer Show.” Brad Mercer on vocals and multiple instruments, Peter Sutter on lead guitar, Gene Beavers on bass and vocals, Chris "Guido" Carletto on keyboards and vocals, Sue Lynn Mercer on vocals, and Terry Dubas on drums and vocals.


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