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Brigitte Purdy

Brigitte Purdy

Brigitte Purdy possesses a rare gift—the ability to infuse her singing with raw emotion, transcending mere talent to craft soul-stirring songs. Raised in the vibrant musical landscape of Los Angeles, her journey began with an innate urge to give voice to her innermost feelings. From an early age, she gravitated towards the soulful cadences of blues and R&B, her passion igniting a path towards the stage.

With a voice as pure and smooth as silk, Brigitte swiftly garnered attention, sharing stages with luminaries like Walter Trout, Sugaray Rayford, and the legendary Dionne Warwick and Dolly Parton. Her harmonies have adorned performances by icons such as The Who and Paul Rodgers, solidifying her presence in the music scene.

Yet, Brigitte's artistic evolution knew no bounds. Inspired by the timeless legacy of B.B. King, she embarked on a songwriting journey, penning her debut track, "Lucille, Don't You Weep." This blues ballad, an homage to King's beloved guitar, marked the genesis of her dual role as both vocalist and lyricist.

Fuelled by the acclaim of critics worldwide, Brigitte's creative wellspring never ran dry. Her latest single, "Blues Angel," resonates on the airwaves, a testament to her flawless vocal prowess and musical versatility. But her repertoire extends beyond traditional blues, encompassing electrifying tracks like "Rise Like The Water" and "Shot Heard Around the World," blending blues with a rock edge.

As her star ascends, Brigitte Purdy's talent has not gone unnoticed. Independent record labels clamor to capture her essence, eager to herald her as the next luminary in the music industry.


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