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Chris Strait

Chris Strait

If your type of comedian is someone who reminds us all how funny we are, Chris Strait is for you. No topic is off limits for the California native, but he’s just telling his story.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Strait is a study in what happens when a man spends his formative years standing out. From being the only white guy among black guys in the neighborhood, to being the only tall guy among short guys in the boxing gym, to being the only man among women in grad school, Strait became an expert on people. He tells it like it is, never losing his smile.

Strait headlines comedy clubs, private events, cruises, and colleges all over the world. You may see him every week on TRU-TV’s World’s Dumbest. You may also have also seen him as a commentator on the E! channel, Fuel TV’s Daily Habit, and in the National Lampoon film Lost Reality 2. He has also done stand-up on Starz and Playboy. In addition, Strait has entertained the troops in the Middle East, Cuba, Japan, and Europe, and has hosted his own boxing commentary podcast.


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