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Chris Thayer and the TCB

Chris Thayer and the TCB

Introducing Chris Thayer and his premier blues band: a potent elixir of musical authenticity. With every note, Thayer infuses bittersweet moments with a refreshing blend of wry wit and unfiltered honesty. Now, with an all-new lineup of top-notch players, Thayer embarks on the next chapter of his musical journey with the highly anticipated release, "THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PILLOW."

Thayer's musical voyage began with a bang, starring as "Danny Zuko" in Grease at just 17. Since then, he's fronted various bands, including the alt-rock outfit Stillwater Black and the jump blues sensation, Big Papa and the TCB. Drawing inspiration from icons like Jim Croce, Robert Cray, and Prince, Thayer infuses his own literary flair into a powerful and infectious pop/rock canvas.

With a career spanning decades, Thayer has graced stages as both headliner and opener for national acts such as James Taylor, Styx, and the Bacon Brothers featuring Kevin Bacon. His musical prowess has captivated audiences far and wide, from coast to coast. Notably, in 2003, Thayer released the acclaimed "Phoenix" CD, followed by "Chasing Venus" in 2006, showcasing years of songwriting and life experiences. Experience the undeniable charm and soul-stirring melodies of Chris Thayer and his band—a blues experience like no other.


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