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Crown City Bombers

Crown City Bombers

Discover the Crown City Bombers, a dynamic band deeply rooted in the vibrant traditions of rockabilly, country, and the golden era of 50’s and early 60’s R&B. Their music pulses with the raw energy and infectious rhythms that defined an era, yet carries a contemporary edge that captivates audiences of all ages.

In the pulsating heart of Southern California's root and rockabilly scene, the Crown City Bombers have emerged as a powerhouse, garnering a devoted following with their electrifying performances. From iconic venues like The Derby and Blue Cafe to the retro charm of The Purple Orchid, their explosive presence ignites every stage they grace. Not just confined to clubs, they've left their mark at prestigious car shows such as the Long Beach Car Club and Rascals in San Pedro, where their music becomes the perfect soundtrack to the gleaming chrome and roaring engines.

Having shared the spotlight with legends like Lee Rocker of Stray Cats, James Intveld, and Wanda Jackson, the Crown City Bombers prove themselves as not just performers, but as torchbearers of a timeless musical legacy. Their regular appearances at the esteemed Viva Las Vegas weekend festival cement their status as a premier act, drawing in crowds with their unmatched passion and skill.

For any occasion that demands the finest in live entertainment, the Crown City Bombers stand ready to deliver an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a high-energy festival, a sophisticated soirée, or a rocking private event, let the Crown City Bombers set the stage on fire and leave your guests clamoring for more.


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