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Darnell Cole & The Vibe

Darnell Cole & The Vibe

**Darnell "Big D" Cole: Premier Rock/Americana Artist for Any Occasion**

Darnell "Big D" Cole is a captivating Rock and Americana artist whose electrifying guitar work takes listeners on an emotional and spiritual journey. As a skilled Blues and Soul musician, Big D's performances are as heartfelt as they are unforgettable, making him the perfect choice for any event.

Born in Pasadena, California, in the summer of 1990, Darnell's early life was steeped in music. Adopted by Dennis and Janet Cole, who performed in a top 40 cover band, he grew up surrounded by instruments and melodies. By age 10, he was playing bass and experimenting with original music, and at 15, he began writing his own songs.

From ages 16 to 18, Darnell honed his craft by busking outside local stores, often performing for up to 12 hours a day. This dedication paid off, paving his path to stardom. After working as an EMT, where he developed a deep passion for connecting with people, he famously said, "Music heals the wounds medicine can't fix."

In 2011, Big D released his first solo acoustic album, "Loving Antics," followed by "On the Low" and "For the First Time." His ambition led to the formation of the blues rock band Porcelain Hill. Alongside drummer Sonny Campos and later bassist Jacob Lucero, the band won multiple Battle of the Bands and released several albums, touring across nine countries and opening for renowned artists like Missing Persons, Iron Butterfly, and The Wailers.

Despite the setbacks of the 2020 pandemic, Darnell continued to grow as a musician. In 2022, following the disbanding of Porcelain Hill, he quickly launched his solo project, "Darnell Cole & the Vibe." This new endeavor saw him returning to the UK and Ireland for successful tours and festival performances, including the Electric Picnic.

Now, Big D has just released his debut album, "A Man of Soul." Available at live shows and on Bandcamp, the album will also be released as singles on major streaming platforms throughout the year. His upcoming "Soul Funkin' Wicked Tour" will take his powerful sound across the UK and Ireland, featuring performances at notable festivals such as PAX in the Park and Electric Picnic.

Darnell "Big D" Cole is a Southern California rocker whose musical journey is just beginning. For an unforgettable performance that will leave your audience spellbound, book Big D for your next event. Stay tuned for more updates on his rising career.


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