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Delgado Brothers

Delgado Brothers

Meet The Delgado Brothers, the legendary blues band that's much more than just blues. With a palette of blues, R&B, and Latin, their music is a soulful journey through the heart of American music. Led by Joey's soulful vocals and melodic guitar solos, backed by Steve's solid grooves and dynamic vocals, and anchored by Bobby's lively bass lines, this trio delivers an electrifying performance every time. From jam-packed festivals to intimate venues, they've shared stages with blues icons like Buddy Guy and Robert Cray, leaving audiences in awe. Their music roots run deep in East L.A., tracing back to the vibrant music scene of the 1960s. With four albums under their belt, including collaborations with blues legend John Mayall, they continue to captivate audiences with their authentic sound. Experience the magic of The Delgado Brothers live, where every note is infused with passion and soul.


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