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Derek Jordan Gregg

Derek Jordan Gregg

Although born in Southern California, Derek spent the majority of his childhood on his mother’s farm in Southern Oregon. There is where he spent timeless hours learning to play bass and guitar, following in the footsteps of his father, virtuoso guitarist Mark Gregg of the famed “Dude Jones Band”. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say, and Derek honed his skills and established his stage presence stepping in to play with his dad’s band the minute he arrived back in Palm Springs to take up permanent residence.

Venues such as the Palm Canyon Roadhouse helped him to make a name for himself in the Coachella Valley and his band “The Hive Minds” is a local favorite, winning awards and accolades from the press and fans alike. His solo performances are unique as he sets down the rhythms for a one-man band right in front of you with drumbeats, bass, lead and acoustic guitar all at once and then blows you away with his amazing vocals. What sets Derek apart from other musicians is his amazing songwriting abilities. A natural poet, his words flow with genius lyrics and catchy phrases. The music to go with the words comes naturally and has a unique style with incredible guitar licks and haunting melodies.

His song writing influences range from Bob Dylan to Paul Simon while his guitar playing is more attuned to John Mayer and Jimmy Page. Born to be on stage, his presence there is mesmerizing, you can tell he feels more comfortable up there than anywhere else. Derek is a natural and the talent within him is immense. He is truly destined to be among the “greats” of the rock world.


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