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Heart of Blonde

Heart of Blonde

Heart of Blonde - The Ultimate Blondie Experience

Prepare to be dazzled by Heart of Blonde, the premier Blondie tribute band taking stages by storm! This powerhouse ensemble, comprised of seasoned musicians Laura Espinoza (guitar, composer), Mindy Milburn (soaring lead vocals), Enrique Garcia (guitar), Michaela Metivier (vocals), Mark Ludmer (bass), and Logan Miles Nix (drums), brings the iconic sound and energy of Blondie to life like no other.

With unmistakable stage presence and undeniable talent, Heart of Blonde transports audiences through Blondie's electrifying catalog of hits, from "Call Me" and "Rapture" to "Heart of Glass" and beyond. Their authentic recreations and dynamic performances have earned them rave reviews and a rapidly growing fanbase across California, Arizona, and Nevada.

But Heart of Blonde is more than just a tribute act – they're a creative tour de force. Their critically acclaimed debut concept album "American Stranger," released on Cleopatra Records, showcases their original songwriting prowess and has already garnered worldwide acclaim. Even iconic artists like Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons have lent their talents to Heart of Blonde's innovative releases.

Beyond their recordings, Heart of Blonde's artistic vision extends to the stage. Their concept album was adapted into the mesmerizing stage play/musical "American Stranger," which was hailed as "One of the Best of the Fringe" and awarded a "Favorite Audience Award" at the prestigious Fringe Festival in Hollywood.

Whether you're a die-hard Blondie fan or simply crave an unforgettable live music experience, Heart of Blonde is the ultimate choice for any occasion. Book this extraordinary band and let them transport you to the heart of rock 'n' roll bliss.


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