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Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart

JASON STUART is a prolific character actor & stand-up comic. Born in the Bronx and raised in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles, and now residing in Palm Springs and lives next door to his 85 year old Jewish mother Gloria, but does not live with her! Stuart is a self-described insecure Jewish kid who turned to theatre and performing to mask his emerging sexual identity. He confesses, “Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl” saved my life”. Streisand inspired him in such a deep way that was indescribable, and like many other gay men of a certain age…ironically found himself attracted to Omar Sharif. He has concurred type casting by playing “Joseph Randall” a heterosexual, Christian, plantation owner in 1831. A major supporting role in one of the most talked about films in recent history in “The Birth Of A Nation” from filmmaker Nate Parker. The drama reflected the prejudice he’s fought against his entire life and gave him the kinda confidence that he has today. Stuart, a LGBTQ rights advocate through his subtle characterizations, reflects his enlightenment to his life’s calling by combining his humanitarian beliefs with his mastery of the craft of acting. As a teenager he played Santa Claus in a play.  Wearing a fat suit afforded him the insight that being a Jewish and closeted gay teenager was like wearing a Santa fat suit. Being a huge fan of “I Love Lucy,” Stuart saw Ms. Ball got the biggest laughs when she was pregnant. He realized the key to great acting is doing the unexpected, and performed the role as if he was “Lucy” pregnant!  A formula that’s worked for him, and he hasn’t looked back since.


Hollywood began to take notice by casting him in films like “Kindergarten Cop,” “Vegas Vacation,” and TV shows like “The Closer” and “My Wife & Kids.”  Frustrated by years of living in the closet, Jason chose to come out publicly on an infamous episode of Geraldo Rivera focused on “Unconventional Comedians.” He went on to guesting on shows as “Goliath” opposite J.K. Simmons, “Love” from comedy guru Judd Apatow, and indie films like “Tangerine” from filmmaker Sean Baker and “Love is Strange” opposite John Lithgow and Alfred Molina. But Stuart hit comedy gold with his co-star & co-creator Mitch Hara  for their Amazon comedy series “Smothered” for which won the Indie Series Awards for Best Actor In A Comedy, which lead to a wave of interest for Stuart & Hara as “Content Creators”, hitting a nerve in the  zeitgeist and giving his them new material, energy, and a purpose. Their motto is “we do not wait for permission to create”. Season 2 of Smothered warranted 11 Indie Series Awards nominations for co acting,  co writing and co producing now on Amazon, You Tube, Revry, Apple TV, Tube and more.  

These days, Jason keeps his comedy chops polished through stand-up gigs all over the country with his recent comedy album “I’m The Daddy And I Have Candy” that’s been featured on Sirius XM Radio. Jason’s also an in demand speaker on diversity in the workplace with his autobiography “Shut Up, I’m Talking!”. In addition, he serves as the National Co-Chairman of the SAG-AFTRA LGBTQ Committee, which he co-created in 2004. He’s also recently completed a number of projects that are streaming with diverse roles such as the thriller “Immortal” opposite Sam Levine & starring Dylan Baker & Tony Todd, the action film “Abducted” on Showtime (playing detectives in both) and a starring role in the indie drama “Hank” from director Hongyu “Neo” Li, about a couple who consider an open relationship, which continues to earn high praise at numerous festivals, including winning the Best LGBTQ Short at The Los Angeles International Film Festival and was also nominated for Best Actor at the Glendale International Film Festival.


Stuart, one of the busiest and respected actors & stand-up comic’s, always remembers the genius of Lucille Ball and the words of Viola Davis, that “My dreams had to be bigger than my fears.” Stuart keeps his eye on the big prize: A substantial role in a major Hollywood feature film. But always remembers where he came from “My Dad, who passed a 10 years ago, was a Jewish immigrant who always said to me (in a thick Polish accent, “When you go to the interview, wear a tie and show them you mean business”. Stuart took that to mean, “Be your best self”. And that’s who he strives to be.


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