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Jimmy Della Valle

Jimmy Della Valle

Jimmy Della Valle, born and raised in NY, now living in Los Angeles, confesses – “Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.” His streetwise edgy flare, macho vulnerability, and blue-collar twists are what allow Jimmy to keep audiences on the brink of laughter. For over 20 years, he has been a stand-up comedian entertaining at comedy clubs, casinos, corporate events, and colleges with his quick comedic timing, and his uniquely skewed observations. Jimmy is the real deal he’s a true NY Character Actor/Comedian, Voiceover Artist, Writer, and Master of Improvisation and Accents. Jimmy was born in Syracuse NY, then moved to Brooklyn, NY where several years later he met his wife in the famous Hamptons. Jimmy is now Living and Happily married in Los Angeles with his Latina wife who is his biggest fan and best friend as well as his 2 Cats Frankie & Fiona.

Most recently, Jimmy was on the hit summer NBC show “America’s Got Talent” where Judge Piers Morgan said, “I wanted to hate you with every bone in my body, but I loved you. You have the greatest comedic timing and delivery, I have ever seen in my life. You are hilarious!”. Jimmy was on 3 episodes of America’s Got Talent where 40 million-plus TV viewers watched each night for 3 weeks. Those ladies and gentlemen are Millions of comedy fans overnight and if you are lucky you can be next.


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