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Juke Joint Preachers

Juke Joint Preachers

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Orange and LA County, these native Californians were steeped in a melting pot of musical influences – from classic rock to punk, from country to the quintessential blues. However, it was the blues that truly captivated them, sparking a lifelong journey towards perfecting their own distinctive sound.

Enter the "Juke Joint Preachers" – a name that embodies their passion for spreading the gospel of blues to all who lend an ear. From humble beginnings, they've cultivated a devoted following drawn to their electrifying performances and soulful interpretations of the genre's rich heritage.

Led by the charismatic harp player and vocalist, Juke Joint" Anderson, alongside the dynamic talents of guitarist and singer Scott Gronsky, drummer Bob McBurney lending his rhythmic prowess and backup vocals, the grooving basslines of L'angelo D'Silva, and the soulful keys and backup vocals provided by Chris McKinney – this lineup is a powerhouse of musical prowess.

Their credentials speak volumes – having graced stages alongside legends such as BB King, Bobby Rush, and Tab Benoit, among others. From intimate clubs to sprawling festivals, they've left audiences spellbound with their infectious energy and undeniable charm.

But what truly sets them apart? It's their commitment to FUN. Each performance is a rollicking celebration, infused with the spirit of blues icons like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, yet with a modern flair reminiscent of the iconic 90s' Blues band The Red Devils. Simply put, the "Juke Joint Preachers" guarantee a good time, every time they take the stage.


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