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Kait Dunton | trioKAIT

Kait Dunton | trioKAIT

Kait Dunton and her band bring an unparalleled energy and joy to any event. This Los Angeles-based ensemble, led by virtuoso keyboardist and composer Kait Dunton, captivates audiences with their vibrant and emotive performances.

With a signature sound that seamlessly blends jazz, classical, pop, rock, R&B, soul, gospel, Brazilian, and Latin influences, Kait Dunton's genre-defying music creates an immersive experience. Her radiant stage presence and honest emotional expression invite the audience on a musical journey, fostering a palpable connection.

Boasting a staggering social media following, with hundreds of thousands of fans across platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Kait Dunton's music resonates globally. Her albums, like the fan-favorite "Real & Imagined" with over 3 million streams, showcase her improvisational prowess and evocative storytelling abilities.

Praised by esteemed publications like DownBeat and PopMatters, Kait Dunton's artistry transcends genres, garnering critical acclaim. With top chart positions, radio play, and a loyal fanbase of nearly 37,000 monthly Spotify listeners, her music's universal appeal is undeniable.

For any occasion, be it a corporate event, wedding, festival, or private gathering, Kait Dunton and her band elevate the atmosphere with their infectious grooves and captivating vintage keyboard timbres. Book this premier ensemble to treat your guests to an unforgettable live music experience that exudes pure joy and musical mastery.


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