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Keith Ross Nelson

Keith Ross Nelson

Keith has been making people laugh in all fifty states—and all over the world—for more than a quarter of a century. He has appeared on Entertainment Tonight and Hulu's Comedy Time. Apart from being a great comedian, Keith Ross is also a director, co-writer and star of Electives. He can be seen on Amazon Prime’s Not for Nothin’ which he co-writes, co-stars, and is executive producer.

He has appeared in hit independent movies like Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M. In 2011, Keith was featured in the Who's Who. There are articles on him in popular publications such as New York Weekly, L.A. Wire, U.S. News, Los Angeles Times, U.S. Reporter, Entertainment Monthly News, the Daily News, and many more.

Keith is also a very talented athlete who held the Masters High Jump record in his age group for seven years (2000-2007). In 1998 he finished second in the Masters World Championships and he has won three National Championships in Masters High-Jumping. He was ranked #1 in 2000 for outdoor high-jumping and in 2006 for indoor high-jumping. He also has a third-degree black-belt in Kung-Fu and is working towards his fourth-degree.


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