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Kenny Weber

Kenny Weber

I was born in Killeen, Texas in August of 1986 where I was adopted at birth by a white family. When I was 8 years old we moved to California, finally settling in the city of Lakewood. As an adult I’ve set roots in Huntington Beach, Ca—yup, that place from the news during the beginning of the pandemic

I learned at a young age that my favorite thing to do was make people laugh. Even as a kid, I was extremely talkative at school, which my teachers never fully appreciated. As a teenager, I'd say ANYTHING to make my friends (or really anyone) laugh. This persisted, even as I tried many different jobs as a young adult. I was an electrician for 4 years, worked for an online aquarium supplier for 3 years, was a licensed personal banker for 2 years, and worked in the cannabis industry for 2 years. It wasn't until I turned thirty that I finally became a stand up tried stand up comedy.

Before I became a stand-up comedian, I found the first passion I ever had in my life that was more than just a hobby to me: Jiu-Jitsu. By training Jiu-Jitsu full time, I was able to learn true discipline, and what it’s like to improve at something incrementally over time. In hind sight, this was the last bit of maturity I needed before making stand up comedy my full time job.

Four months after I started comedy, a club called The Rec Room opened in my city of Huntington Beach. I went to the third show at the club, and met the person who opened it. I had a meeting with him the next day where I volunteered to be an intern in order to learn every aspect of stand up comedy. This snowballed over the next six months to me eventually running the club. From June of 2018 - March of 2020, I hosted 75% of the shows at the club. I'm extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to perform nightly in front of a paying audience so early in my career.

When The Rec Room opened back up in May of 2021, the whole location was under new ownership and I took over booking and managing the comedy club, which I still do to this day. It's still a pleasure to perform there whenever I'm not on the road.

Since 2022, I’ve amassed over 70k followers on EACH of the 3 major platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok) where I've gotten millions of views. I created, produced, and am one of the judges of a weekly comedy competition called NICE BITS! 10 comedians are randomly drawn to compete, while 2 guest judges join me in judging the competition. I also have two podcasts: a solo podcast called, Hey Kenny Its Kenny; and a Podcast with the host of NICE BITS!, Bryan Mathews, called Devil’s Playground.

Now, I’m ready to come to your city with my bullsh*t. So whether you’ve seen me live, you’ve seen my standup clips, or you have no idea who I am but you like a gunslinger type comic that’s gonna make you laugh and possibly feel a little weird, grab tickets and let's party.


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