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Michael Keith

Michael Keith

Michael Keeth is one of the hardest working musicians in the Coachella Valley.

On any given week, Keeth performs regularly at several local hotspots from one end of the valley to the other. Along with out of town regular gigs and local upscale private parties and events, that consistently   adds up to 6 shows a week minimum and sometimes as many as 9. Not many musicians can acquire a fan base that broad and dedicated to want to see them perform that often.  Keeth has also garnered many accolades including, “Best Male Vocalist” at the 2015 CV Music Awards, as well as “Best Duo” with Martin Barrera. He also won “Best Male Vocalist” in 2014.

And with his smooth, sultry, passionate, and impressive vocal range, he in my opinion has earned the title of the “the voice”.

Keeth recently released his second CD titled, Get Back Up. There is a common thread that runs throughout the CD that has Keeth both reflective about past adventures and mistakes, as well as overcoming them, and being grateful for his current seat in the life that he seems to love.

While there isn’t a bad song in the bunch, there are a several standout tracks, many of which are radio ready, top ten hit-worthy songs. It starts out strong with the title track, which is the anthem for pulling yourself together after rough times with the lyrics: Upside down Cuz you lost your love/Inside out I’ll be the one to help you get back up/Don’t let it change you/Don’t let it win.


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