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Mystic Cheifs

Mystic Cheifs

Introducing Mystic Chiefs: a powerhouse ensemble led by blues shouter Johnny Ray Jones, whose third studio album isn't just a musical experience—it's a journey through the heart and soul of contemporary blues. This electrifying record not only showcases Jones' commanding vocals but also marks the debut of his remarkable all-star band, the Mystic Chiefs. Together, they offer a scorching tribute to Southern California's rich blues and roots legacy.

Recorded at the renowned Ultratone Studios in Studio City, California, Mystic Chiefs brings together a lineup of seasoned musicians whose collective resumes read like a who's who of the blues scene. Lead guitarist Junior Watson, known for his work with iconic acts like Canned Heat and William Clarke, ignites the stage with his fiery playing. Joining him are talents like Carl Sonny Leyland, Tex Nakamura, John Bazz, Stephen Hodges, J.R. Lozano, and Johnny Lee Schell, each bringing their own unique flair and expertise to the table.

Frontman Johnny Ray Jones, a stalwart of the Southern California blues circuit since the '80s, infuses every track with raw passion and authenticity. From his early days sneaking into blues shows in Redondo Beach to sharing the stage with legends like Big Joe Turner and Phillip Walker, Jones' commitment to the blues is unwavering.

With Mystic Chiefs, Jones delves deep into the classic blues repertoire, paying homage to icons like Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, and Slim Harpo. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences and the vibrant blues community of Southern California, Jones crafts an album that is both timeless and electrifying.

Featuring five tracks inspired by the legendary Red Devils, Mystic Chiefs is a testament to the enduring spirit of the blues. Jones' collaboration with guitarist Junior Watson and drummer J.R. Lozano pays homage to the iconic King King era, capturing the essence of those legendary Monday night blues sessions.

Mystic Chiefs is more than just an album—it's a celebration of the blues tradition, from its roots in Chicago to its vibrant legacy in Southern California. With each soulful note and impassioned lyric, Jones and his band invite listeners on a musical journey that spans generations. So, come join the ride and experience the magic of Mystic Chiefs firsthand.


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