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Nacho Bustillos

Nacho Bustillos

nnovative, creative, and fun—these are the words that best describe Nacho Bustillos, a rising star determined to make his mark on the Regional Mexican music scene. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Nacho inherited his musical talent from his father's side, learning to sing and play the guitar at a very young age. His mother recalls that even before he could speak, Nacho was already singing.

Committed to his education, Nacho moved to the United States to earn a degree in Business Administration before fully dedicating himself to his musical career. This dedication to both his studies and his art has shaped him into a disciplined and versatile performer.

Nacho has graced major stages across California, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico, captivating audiences with his unique sound. His musical influences are diverse, blending the grupero movement from northern Mexico and South Texas with the timeless melodies of José José, Napoleón, Emmanuel, Los Bukis, Joan Sebastian, and Ramón Ayala. He is also inspired by English-language music, reflecting his passion for a wide range of genres.

With a distinctive style that combines modern Mexican regional music with traditional instruments like the accordion, bass, drums, and tuba, Nacho Bustillos delivers a dynamic and unforgettable performance. His varied rhythms and heartfelt performances resonate with audiences, ensuring every show is a memorable experience.

Book Nacho Bustillos for an unparalleled musical journey that will entertain and inspire your audience. Follow @nachobustillos on all social media platforms to stay updated on his latest news and performances.


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