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Nikki Bon

Nikki Bon

Nikki Bon is an LA based stand-up comedian, actress and podcast host (duh, who isn’t). Born and raised in Toronto, she gave up her healthcare to peruse her dreams in LA. And as a hypochondriac, that’s a big risk. Ever since training and performing at Second City Toronto, Nikki got the comedy bug and continued on to complete both UCB NYC/LA and Groundlings improv programs which prepared her for her real love, stand-up comedy. You can catch Nikki on season 14 of America’s Got Talent where she plays her iconic character “Insta Girl”, on CBC Comedy Next Up and teaching her absentee rock and roll dad how to be a father on her podcast Whoa, Dad! And when she’s not parenting her dad, she’s trying to stay more “in the know” on her YouTube series Blissfully Clueless.


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