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Robert Parker Jr.

Robert Parker Jr.

Robert's musical journey began at 15 when he first picked up a guitar, and within three months, he was drawn to the stage. Driven by a deep passion for the blues, he dedicated himself to mastering his craft, often sacrificing sleep for grueling nine-hour practice sessions.

Inspired by legends like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Robin Trower, Robert embraced the Stratocaster, creating his unique sound from the start.

After high school, he found solace in Sunset Beach, CA, where the melodies of The Allman Brothers and the symphonies of The Grateful Dead blended with coastal living.

Over the years, Robert's journey unfolded along Orange County's Pacific Coast Highway, his guitar strings resonating with the pulse of the blues scene. Countless nights were spent enchanting audiences, leaving an unforgettable mark on musical history. Book Robert and experience the magic of his blues mastery firsthand.


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