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Rumble King

Rumble King

Rumble King, hailing from Southern California since 1996, epitomizes the essence of American rock 'n' roll. Led by the charismatic vocals of Aaron Deily, accompanied by the dynamic interplay of Scott Ramirez on tenor saxophone, Ulysses Gallegos on upright bass, Corey Miller on drums, and Johnny Main on guitar, their lineup radiates energy and passion.

Emerging during the rockabilly and swing revival of the late 90s, Rumble King carved out a niche in music history with their blues-infused, piano, and sax-driven sound. Their original compositions and innovative approach to arrangement, recording, and live performances, notably absent of a guitar, garnered regional and national acclaim.

The band's journey intersected with renowned blues singer and guitarist Johnny Main (The 44’s) during their formative years, and after almost two and a half decades, fate reunited them, completing the band's originally intended lineup.

Aaron Deily's commitment to performing on an authentic acoustic piano underscores the band's dedication to honoring their musical heritage. With a steadfast determination to stay true to their roots, Rumble King delivers their distinctive sound with unwavering authenticity at every performance.

Over the years, Rumble King has left an indelible mark on both the music and film industries. Their collaborations with director Lisa Haisha resulted in acclaimed short films, "Taking the Plunge" and "I Still Adore You," winning accolades at independent film festivals. Additionally, the band's involvement with Custom Bike Builder Jesse James and appearances on Discovery Channel's "Monster Garage" further cemented their diverse creative endeavors.

Notably, Rumble King secured a prestigious 13-year residency at Disneyland's historical Tommorowland Terrace and the Downtown Disney District, thanks to their collaboration with talent casting director Stan Freese. Their performances at renowned venues such as the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas Rock-a-Billy Weekender, and Hard Rock Cafe have solidified their status as a must-see live act.

Opening for legendary acts including BB King, Jackson Brown, Chris Isaak, and The Blasters, among others, Rumble King continues to captivate audiences with their electrifying performances and timeless rock 'n' roll spirit.


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