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Rumproller Organ Trio

Rumproller Organ Trio

The Rumproller Organ Trio covers a lot of musical ground, making it ideal for many different settings and occasions. Recent pop hits like “Rehab,” classic jazz standards like “Misty,” and R&B essentials like “I Got a Woman” are all treated to Rumproller’s deep swing and funk grooves. The trio is built around the Hammond B3 Organ, a staple of American music from the church to the club, from the living room to the ballpark. Capable of a mellow whisper or a raucous roar, the many voices of the B3 give a soulful, analog feel to any song. The trio occasionally becomes a quartet with the addition of a saxophonist or vocalist Dawn Bishop.

The amazing Ty Bailie breaths life into the 450lb Hammond Organ.. James Achor, original member of swing revival kings, Royal Crown Revue, brings the swing on the guitar. Kevin Stevens' grooves on the drums provide the spark for it all to happen.


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