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Salsa Caliente

Salsa Caliente

Experience the electrifying rhythms of SALSA CALIENTE, led by the dynamic vocalist Alberto Gonzalez, whose journey in the world of salsa began at the young age of 15. With a captivating style uniquely his own, Alberto and his international ensemble of top-tier musicians deliver an unforgettable performance that ignites stages across America and around the globe.

SALSA CALIENTE isn't just a band; it's a sensation on the West Coast music scene, renowned for its pulsating blend of Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha's, Merengues, Cumbias, Mambo, Latin Jazz, and more, drawn from the vibrant traditions of the Caribbean and beyond.

Elevate your special event to new heights with the infectious energy and irresistible beats of SALSA CALIENTE. From local gatherings to international affairs, our band is ready to bring the heat to your stage.

Distinguished by appearances on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," where our electrifying performance wowed Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez, SALSA CALIENTE has also graced screens in a Diet Coke commercial and entertained audiences for Major League Baseball, VH1, and MTV.

Alberto Gonzalez's musical journey has taken him from coast to coast in the United States and across the globe, spreading his love and passion for salsa music to audiences in Italy, the UK, Africa, Bermuda, Hong Kong, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, and beyond. His vision is simple: to unite music lovers worldwide through the universal language of salsa.


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