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Sandra Booker

Sandra Booker

Sandra Booker is a standout voice in modern jazz, celebrated for her virtuosic scat ability, impeccable timing, crystalline tone, and irrepressible musicality. She has shared the stage with luminaries such as Lalo Schifrin and the WDR Big Band, Wynton Marsalis & The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Billy Higgins, and many others.

With deep Southern roots and razor-sharp musical intuition, Sandra brings a unique flair to her interpretations of jazz standards, contemporary tunes, and original compositions. She effortlessly blends genres, incorporating elements of urban country, French neo-soul, contemporary gospel/hip-hop, blues, R&B, Brazilian, and classical music into her performances. Her innovative approach to music makes every performance a fresh and captivating experience.

Sandra’s extensive background includes classical voice training with Bela Berger and Marion Cooper, and jazz studies at the prestigious NOCCA Institute. She has lent her voice to major advertising campaigns for brands like Coca-Cola and Ralph Lauren. Sandra holds a B.A. in ethnomusicology with an emphasis on jazz studies from UCLA, and has led vocal workshops and masterclasses at institutions such as California State University, Northridge, and the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.

Her discography includes two acclaimed albums, *Very Early* (1995) and *When Love Happens: The Loving Day Concert* (2011), with three more projects set for release soon. Sandra is also a playwright, known for her solo shows *Life without God: Confessions of an Atheist, Black Woman* and *She Can Be Evil - A Survivor's Story*, which have received rave reviews.

Sandra is the founder of the Jazz Musicians Against Cancer fund, advocating for music as wellness therapy for cancer survivors and caregivers. She created Transgenre Music Nonbinary™ and the Artists Spotlight series for genre-defying creatives. Her peer-reviewed essay, "The Untethered Tongue: Lifting the Black, Feminine Voice in Jazz," has been published by the African-American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS). Sandra is a contributing writer for Women In Jazz Media and is working on two novels, set for release in winter 2024.

Sandra was featured as a Jeopardy question: "Sandra Booker, Nina Simone & Esperanza Spalding are all sultry chanteuses of this 4-letter musical genre," highlighting her prominence in the jazz world.

Sandra Booker’s passion for pushing musical boundaries and her dedication to social causes make her an exceptional choice for any event. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable jazz performance or an engaging speaker, Sandra delivers with unmatched artistry and depth. Book Sandra Booker today to experience a premier act that will elevate your event to extraordinary heights.


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