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Sandro Iocolano

Sandro Iocolano

“Sandro Iocolano is an unforgettable comic with an impossible name to pronounce, and spell” said Sandro’s father of his son. Born in Boston, raised in Florida, Sandro was born into a retirement community to immigrant Italian parents and a German Shepard, he grew up only speaking Italian till he was 5. He learned English from cereal boxes and Twinkie wrappers.

In an attempt to find more work his father, a plumber moved his family to Florida where he learned how to sweat profusely from his forehead. He enrolled in Pharmacy School after high school, but soon found that he would rather tell jokes than push pills, but often called one.

Sandro has been performing since he was a little kid old enough to embarrass his parents. Throughout his life he has acted and just always enjoyed making those around him laugh. It’s a treat to embarrass your friends and family.

He often loves being the center of attention, but only at parties and never at funerals.

Sandro would give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it and he didn’t want it anymore. Sarcastic, witty and quick Sandro finds himself at home being a smart-ass and finding the unconventional opinion or spin on any given topic. He loves all forms of comedy. Called “off-center and quirky” by one of his first comedy mentors, the description stuck. Sandro has been scene on HBO’s Project Green Light, NBC, Aspen Comedy Festival, and performs comedy all over the country and as of recently, Italy. He is a member of an Improv Comedy Troupe and is a regular at The Comedy Store and performs regularly at The Improvs all across the country. He currently lives in Los Angeles in a state of cloudiness.

A show you will never forget. Or remember!

Either way, it’s pronounced “YO-KO-LAH-NO”.And you will too!


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