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Sayed Sabrina

Sayed Sabrina

Sayed Sabrina is not just an artist—she is a dynamic force in the music world, celebrated for her unique sound and heartfelt performances. A talented singer, songwriter, composer, and producer, Sayed has captivated audiences by opening for legends like BB King, Dr. John, Los Lobos, Leon Russell, and Tower of Power. While often associated with the Blues scene, her music transcends traditional genres, offering a more avant-garde, emotionally charged experience.

Sayed’s music is deeply personal and reflective, drawing from her own stories and experiences to connect with her audience on a profound level. Her performances are not just about music but about sharing a piece of her soul, aiming to inspire change and evoke deep emotions in her listeners.

As a creative who lives and breathes music, Sayed spends her days immersed in songwriting and composing, accompanied by her beloved dogs and musical instruments. Her authenticity and unique perspective, influenced by her place on the spectrum, make her a compelling and relatable artist. She embraces her quirks and channels them into her art, creating music that is both genuine and transformative.

Sayed’s journey in the music industry began in her early twenties when she performed with a renowned reggae band, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the business. A memorable moment from this time was being personally commended by Jimmy Cliff with the words, “Full respect, sister.” These formative years shaped her into the artist she is today—resilient, passionate, and dedicated to her craft.

What sets Sayed apart is her unwavering commitment to healing through music. She creates not for fame or fortune, but to leave a lasting, positive impact on humanity. Her songs are her story, and through them, she seeks to connect, move, and heal her audience.

If you are looking for an artist who will bring passion, authenticity, and a unique flair to your event, Sayed Sabrina is the perfect choice. Her powerful performances and emotionally resonant music will ensure your occasion is unforgettable.

To experience the magic of Sayed Sabrina, book her now and let her music tell your story.


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