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Shapel Lacey

Shapel Lacey

Shapel Lacey is a Los Angeles based comedian born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. A diehard punk rocker and former award-winning competitive cheerleader, Shapel found ways to express himself and own his individuality at an early age. Shapel was cheerleading competitively for University of Louisville when someone dared him to take the stage as a comedian and he never looked back, dropping out shortly thereafter to pursue a career in stand up full-time. His unique life experiences such as being adopted by a Caucasian family at age 15, his punk rock mentality, and his stage presence make for a truly original voice in the comedy community. Diligence and the desire to grow led Shapel from the Phoenix open mic circuit onto main stages, where he regularly performed for comedians such as Bill Burr, Hannibal Buress, and Brendan Schaub, and is now headlining clubs across the country. Shapel was selected to be a “New Face” at the 2019 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.


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