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Suburban Legends

Suburban Legends

Few ska bands can boast a career as enduring and diverse as Suburban Legends. With their seventh album, "Forever In The Friend Zone," this Orange County sextet solidifies their reputation as premier entertainers for any occasion. Defying musical boundaries and capturing hearts across generations, Suburban Legends have cultivated a devoted following spanning from kids to parents, punks to pop-rock enthusiasts.

Since bursting onto the scene in 1999, Suburban Legends have continually pushed the envelope, blending ska with hard rock, disco, and inventive covers. Their tireless work ethic has seen them grace stages ranging from intimate house parties to iconic venues, sharing bills with industry giants like Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger. Notably, their residency at Disneyland has made them a beloved fixture, captivating audiences with their infectious sound.

"Forever In The Friend Zone" marks a triumphant milestone for the band, capturing their electrifying live energy in 14 vibrant tracks. From the caffeinated bliss of "Warrior" to the classic Two Tone vibes of "Everything's OK," each song is a testament to friendship and resilience. The album, funded by their loyal fans, features surprises like a heartfelt rendition of the Golden Girls theme, showcasing the band's gratitude and versatility.

As they gear up for a summer of festivals and tours, Suburban Legends reflect on their journey with gratitude and camaraderie. "Forever In The Friend Zone" not only honors their evolution as musicians but celebrates the enduring bond of friendship that defines this tight-knit group of childhood friends. With their infectious energy and genre-defying sound, Suburban Legends are the premier choice for any event seeking to ignite the spirit of camaraderie and joy.


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