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Sugarmill Slim

Sugarmill Slim

“Don’t hold back, baby!” This is the mantra that Sugarmill Slim passionately recites to their bandmates before every performance, embodying their belief that every show should be delivered with the intensity and fervor as if it were their last. With a dynamic blend of influences ranging from the raw power of blues legends like Papa George Lightfoot, William Clarke, and James Cotton, to the flamboyant energy of 70’s glam rock icons such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and T. Rex, Sugarmill Slim brings an electrifying and unforgettable experience to every stage.

Playing fiery harmonica and singing tales of life in Los Angeles, Sugarmill Slim’s performances are a whirlwind of excitement, expert musicianship, and unparalleled stage presence. Their shows are known for their high energy, dazzling showmanship, and signature style, which includes superbly applied eyeliner.

Sugarmill Slim’s debut album, released on January 30th, 2021, brims with the same fiery musicianship and glittery sass that define their live shows. Recorded live to tape with master producer Chuck Kavooras (Mannish Boys, Sugaray Rayford), the album features a mix of original songs and classic blues covers, capturing the raw and unfiltered essence of their music. Slim’s commitment to authenticity shines through: “My goal was never to make a polished recording. This music is about honesty, and if we edited out the warts and stains, I knew we weren’t gonna have a record I could be proud of.”

“I can’t be anything other than exactly what I am,” says Slim. “I love blues music; it’s in my bones. But the energy of glam and punk flows through me. I’m not about to dress like Little Walter or style my hair like Muddy Waters, because it wouldn’t be real. And if it isn’t real, it isn’t the blues.”

Sugarmill Slim offers a unique and captivating blend of blues and glam rock, making them the perfect choice for any event looking for a premier band. Book Sugarmill Slim and ensure your occasion is filled with unforgettable energy, authenticity, and show-stopping performances.


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