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Sweet Baby J'ai

Sweet Baby J'ai

Meet the unstoppable force of entertainment: Sweet Baby J'ai! Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around dynamo, she's the brains and heart behind Sunset Music Festival. From dazzling stages worldwide to headlining gigs from New York to Paris and beyond, she's not just a jazz singer or a blues diva—she's a storytelling sensation! With a voice that's equal parts power and passion, she's scooped up Bravo awards, Blues and Soul Magazine nods, and even rocked the LA Women’s Theatre Project scene.

Rubbing shoulders with legends like Herbie Hancock and Etta James? Just another day in the life of Sweet Baby J'ai. But she's not just about the spotlight; as a festival guru, she's the brains behind Palm Springs Women's Jazz Fest and Juneteenth Jazz Fest, bringing her signature flair to every show. And let's not forget her Women in Jazz All-Stars lineup, celebrating the powerhouse ladies of the industry!

But how did this musical maven come to be? Born with tunes in her blood, she's been serenaded by the greats since day one. Growing up in Kansas City, surrounded by jazz icons, it was only natural for her to pick up an instrument or two—violin, bass, you name it! And when she stumbled upon a Louisiana porch band belting out jazz and Zydeco tunes, she knew she'd found her groove.

Fast forward to today, and she's still rocking the charts with her latest album, "Straight To That Place." It's a wild ride through jazz, blues, pop, and Latin rhythms, with Sweet Baby J'ai's soulful vocals leading the charge. So if you're ready for a musical journey like no other, buckle up and join Sweet Baby J'ai—it's gonna be one heck of a ride straight to wonderland!

Sweet Baby J'ai has a number of different shows ready to roll. One of her most popular revues is her History of Women in Blues show!


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