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The Cheez Whiz Band

The Cheez Whiz Band

Introducing The Cheez Whiz Band, born on February 3, 2018, as a fusion of seasoned performers handpicked from Southern California's elite 80's music scene. Our mission: to redefine the essence of an 80's cover band. With an extensive repertoire spanning over 200 tracks, we deliver not only the classics you adore but also those guilty pleasures from the late 70s and early 90s.

We pride ourselves on authenticity, faithfully recreating the magic of the original recordings while infusing our performances with an electrifying energy that transports you back in time. Our immersive shows are a spectacle to behold, featuring dynamic elements like costume changes, props, sound effects, multimedia presentations, and choreography.

Each Cheez Whiz Band experience is uniquely crafted, ensuring every performance is a fresh and exhilarating journey through the sounds of the 80s. Join us for a night of nostalgia, excitement, and unparalleled entertainment. Let's make memories together – come out and Let's Get Physical with The Cheez Whiz Band!


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