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The DMP Project - Dave Matthews Band Tribute

The DMP Project - Dave Matthews Band Tribute

For over 20 years, the Dave Matthews Tribute Band has been performing sold out shows around the world; playing over 2,000 concerts in 46 states and 9 countries. Throughout the years, the band has evolved from a bar hopping cover band into a dedicated and true tribute band with one goal; to recreate the classic Dave Matthews Band sound so many of us know and love. 

Since 2004, the DMTB’s ruthless touring schedule has been unparalleled. There is no prefix song title to name the group, and the DMTB is the only nationally touring tribute to the Dave Matthews Band. Like so many DMB fans, we can’t help but miss the iconic sounds of a high energy violin balanced with jazzy saxophone lines, or a sparkling acoustic guitar supported by smooth bass and explosive drumming. That is the magic sound that captivated so many of us all those years ago, and the Dave Matthews Tribute Band aims to bring that sonic joy back for all to share.

While most DMB fans never witnessed the real band before they became the platinum-selling artists they are today, The Dave Matthews Tribute Band prides itself on giving audiences this opportunity at intimate venues as well as iconic clubs and outdoor stages around the world.

As Rick Grant of Entertaining U in Jacksonville, FL wrote, “The Dave Matthews Tribute Band turned out to exceed its billing as a quality improvisational band that uses Dave Matthews material as themes to improvise. Clearly, this distinguishes them from the other so-called tribute bands. The band is exceptionally tight and produces a solid groove over which the players improvise with hot chops.”

Beyond mastering the DMB sound and the relentless touring, what separates The Dave Matthews Tribute Band from other cover bands is their attention to detail and to the nuances of DMB and their music. The DMTB aims to transport the listener back in time. That is what makes you come out of one of their shows saying, “Yeah, they really do sound like the real Dave Matthews Band!”


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