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Three Michaels

Three Michaels

The Three Michaels: An Unforgettable Halloween Experience

Looking for a truly unique way to spend Halloween? Experience The Three Michaels, an ode to John Carpenter’s iconic film “Halloween.” This trio of talented musicians and performers brings the chilling score, spine-tingling scares, and thrilling skits to life, all while dressed as the infamous Michael Myers.

Imagine the hair-raising tension as The Three Michaels perform the hauntingly familiar music LIVE in front of an abbreviated version of the classic horror film projected on the big screen. Their electrifying performances capture the essence of the original soundtrack, making you feel as if you've stepped right into Haddonfield.

But that's not all – these three boogeymen have escaped straight from the mental hospital and are on the prowl. Will you fall victim to one of The Three Michaels? With their eerie presence and live-action skits, every moment is an immersive fright-fest that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Perfect for horror enthusiasts, comic cons, and special events, The Three Michaels promise an unforgettable night of terror and excitement. Book them now for a one-night-only experience that will leave you breathless. Dare to cross paths with The Three Michaels – if you think you can handle the scare!

For bookings and inquiries, request a free quote. Don't miss out on the ultimate Halloween experience that everyone will be talking about!


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