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Meet Tremoloco, the captivating roots band breaking genre boundaries with their signature blend of Sonoran Gothic Folk, Gulf Coast roots, and Tex-Mexican-Americana. Known as the purveyors of "CANTINA MUSIC," they enchant audiences with a spellbinding fusion of Mexican groove and swing, infusing their performances with infectious rhythms and soul-stirring melodies.

Originating from Los Angeles and Houston, Tremoloco is a musical powerhouse, seamlessly crafting original songs in Spanish and English that draw from a diverse array of musical traditions. From the twang of Nashville to the bayou grooves of Louisiana, the R&B vibes of New Orleans, the bluesy echoes of the Delta, and the spirited rancheros and cumbias, their sound is a vibrant mosaic of sonic flavors.

Fronted by the dynamic Tony Zamora on vocals, basses, and guitars, supported by the accordion virtuosity of Roberto Rodriguez III, the dobro and lap steel mastery of Willy T Golden, the rhythmic prowess of Cougar Estrada on drums and piano, and the skilled guitar work of Jeff Ross, Tremoloco boasts a seasoned lineup of musicians with an impressive list of credits.

As lauded by the Mercury News, Tremoloco stands as a singular force in the music scene, delivering an unforgettable live experience that transcends borders and genres. Embark on a musical journey like no other with Tremoloco – don't miss your chance to groove to their mesmerizing sounds!


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